“I urge every parent to become familiar with the concepts and principles of BIG PICTURE PARENTING! Mark and Tommy deliver a simple, practical and very powerful message that can make a lasting difference to our families, our sons and daughters, our school, and our community.”

Billy Peebles, Headmaster
The Lovett School, Atlanta, Georgia

“Parenting is a tough job!  Big Picture Parenting reminds parents and educators to pause and look beyond the urgency of the moment to focus on what really matters. Mark and Tommy do an excellent job of blending enduring principles with relevant illustrations, leaving parents inspired and equipped to interact differently with their children on a day to day basis. Their combined experience and authentic, down to earth delivery create a delightful learning experience for everyone. I highly recommend it!”

Scott Barron, President
Mt. Pisgah Christian School, Johns Creek, Georgia



Together, Mark Crawford and Tommy Newberry are exceptionally prepared to help parents navigate the short, but critical window of opportunity and influence with their children. No fads or trendy buzz words, only the principles and practices that have been field-tested and really work over the long haul. Their combined experience gives parents a rare advantage in successfully handling their most significant responsibility.


Bring Mark and Tommy to your school or church this year!  Parents are equipped with a fresh perspective and a sharpened approach to guiding their children into adulthood. Beyond just helping kids avoid problems, BIG Picture Parenting helps parents maximize their talent… now, and well past graduation.

All attendees gain a better understanding of what it takes to raise kids who are emotionally healthy, personally responsible, and of the highest character. Much more than a single event, world-class planning tools extend the benefits of BIG Picture Parenting indefinitely. The stakes are high, the obstacles are real and the time is short!

Make this unique event a priority on your school calendar during 2014!


  • Do you have a clear, healthy vision for each of your children?
  • Discovering and encouraging your child’s unique strengths.
  • What do you really, really want for your kids?
  • Interrupting and breaking “the 8:1” habit
  • How well do you fit the profile of a responsible parent?
  • A practical decision-making tool that helps your children develop wisdom.
  • Is your child happy and carefree or “hurried and worried?”
  • The power of quantity time.
  • How might parental “blind-spots” disrupt good intentions?
  • What’s it like to be a child in your family?
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