This provocative booklet of questions stimulates you to re-think your parenting priorities and stay focused on the principles that matters most. Identify blind spots, double-check assumptions, think proactively, and clarify long term goals . Sample questions include:

  • How and when will I know it if I have been a successful parent?
  • What are our family values and are they clearly articulated so everyone understands them?
  • What is the goal of my parenting?
  • What do I really, really want for my kids?
  • What does our home say about our values and what’s important and what should be important?
  • Up until now, have I been more concerned with my child’s happiness or character?
  • How could I better use evenings, weekends, and vacations to instill wisdom and communicate timeless principles to my children?
  • In what ways have I equipped my children to face and solve real-life problems and challenges?
  • In what ways have I simply enjoyed my kids in the last week?
  • Am I willing to be “unpopular” with my kids and other parents to stick to our family values?
  • Are my children more often happy and carefree or hurried and worried?
  • When I envision my child successful at age 30, what do I see?

A fun, memorable and productive conversation starter for mom and dad as well as teachers and coaches.

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These visually appealing bookmarks help keep the BIG picture in clear view and “top of mind.” Hard-hitting questions include:

  1. What are my specific long term goals for each of my children?
  2. How are my decisions as a parent emphasizing the key character traits that I intend to instill?
  3. What am I doing this week to invest in and maintain my relationship with my children?
  4. In what ways have I simply enjoyed my kids in the last week?
  5. Based on my specific long term goals for my child, what is my main focus as a parent today?
  6. How have I helped my children to discover their strengths and follow their passions?
  7. What am I talking to my kids about today and will it be important ten years from now?

Bookmarks available in packs of 50, 100 and 250. The easy and cost-effective way to spread the BIG Picture Parenting philosophy throughout your school, church or neighborhood.

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The BIG Picture Parenting Coach is a creative template designed to help you draft a quality game plan for your child, highlighting their strengths, the goals you have for them and the character qualities you intend to instill in them prior to graduation.

With this practical and powerful tool, you will be prompted to clarify family values, parenting priorities and much more! It’s the essential resource for all conscientious parents committed to raising healthy, responsible, high-character kids. Each plan serves one child, and we recommend that parents update this plan every school year or more often in some cases.

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